The team of Prof. Markus Valtiner at TU Wien focuses on the broad areas of solid|liquid interfaces, electrochemistry as well as interfacial forces and their utilization for making better energy-saving, energy efficient, cheaper, long lasting smart materials for application in structural and functional materials. This includes for example electrocatalysts for electrochemical carbondioxide reduction, as well as development of stable and long lasting structural materials. We are also interested in dynamic interaction forces, single molecular interactions and soft matter physics in confined spaces. Our aim is to gain insight into the fundamental interactions in complex interfacial processes, and to translate fundamental science into knowledge-based design of better and novel structural and functional materials for technological applications.
We are experts for surface analysis techniques (AFM, XPS, AES, SFA...) and for the application of molecular modelling technologies (DFT, MD simulations as well FEM simulations). We work at both fundamental scientific as well as applied industrial scales and intensively collaborate with industrial partner in the framework of the COMET Centre of Excellence CEST (Center for Electrochemical Surface Technology), where Markus Valtiner is also scientific director.

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36th Symposium on Surface Science with strong participation by MECS groups of Ulrike Diebold, Julia Kunze-Liebhäuser, Günther Rupprechter, Markus Valtiner.

Was geschieht in einem #Gelenk auf mikroskopisch kleiner Ebene? Und was hat das für Konsequenzen für die #Medizin? Mehr dazu im Interview @valtinerlab #Medizinphysik

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