This is a list of our most recent publications (last 2 years), and our key publications from previous years. All our publications can be seen on e.g. google scholar. Open access publications and preprints can be directly downloaded, for other publications you can contact us, in case you cannot download them.

Key publications

Journal Title Year Link
Biointerphases Mussel adhesion: A fundamental perspective on factors governing strong underwater adhesion 2022
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Photocorrosion of ZnO Single Crystals during Electrochemical Water Splitting 2020
Advanced Science In Situ Mechanical Analysis of the Nanoscopic Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Anodes of Li‐Ion Batteries 2019
ACS Nano Unraveling hydrophobic interactions at the molecular scale using force spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations 2017
Journal of colloid and interface science Direct and quantitative AFM measurements of the concentration and temperature dependence of the hydrophobic force law at nanoscopic contacts 2015
Advanced Materials Interfaces Characterizing the Influence of Water on Charging and Layering at Electrified Ionic-Liquid/Solid Interfaces 2015
ACS Nano Angstrom-resolved real-time dissection of electrochemically active noble metal interfaces 2014
Nature Communications Deciphering the scaling of single-molecule interactions using Jarzynski’s equality 2014
Langmuir The electrochemical surface forces apparatus: The effect of surface roughness, electrostatic surface potentials, and anodic oxide growth on interaction forces, and friction 2012
Phys. Rev. Letters Temperature stabilized surface reconstructions at polar ZnO (0001) 2009
Journal Title Year Link
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces Recombinant lubricin improves anti-adhesive, wear protection, and lubrication of collagen II surface 2022
Progress in Organic Coatings Systematic variation of inorganic additives and their impact on interfacial delamination processes of automotive coating systems 2022
Biointerphases Mussel adhesion: A fundamental perspective on factors governing strong underwater adhesion 2022
Friction Applying ionic liquids as oil additives for gearboxes: Going beyond the state of the art by bridging the nano-scale and component level 2022
Corrosion Reviews Scanning electrochemical microscopy methods (SECM) and ionselective microelectrodes for corrosion studies 2022
Review of Scientific Instruments Design and testing of drift free force probe experiments with absolute distance control 2022
Materials Development and Up-Scaling of Electrochemical Production and Mild Thermal Reduction of Graphene Oxide 2022
Spectroscopy Supplements In situ Raman Spectroscopy Monitors the Corrosion of Mild Steel in a Salt Fog Chamber 2022
Langmuir Cohesion Gain Induced by Nanosilica Consolidants for Monumental Stone Restoration 2022
Journal of Materials Science Transparent electrodes based on molybdenum–titanium–oxide with increased water stability for use as hole-transport/hole-injection components 2022
Corrosion Science Water-uptake in hollow glass microspheres and their influence on cathodic and anodic delamination along the polymer/metal-interface 2022
Electrochimica Acta Bottom-up characterization of electrochemical passivity from simple binary alloys to high entropy alloys 2022
Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research Versatile, low-cost, non-toxic potentiometric pH-sensors based on niobium 2022
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Environmentally Friendly Layered Double Hydroxide Conversion Layers: Formation Kinetics on Zn-Al-Mg-Coated Steel 2022
Materials and Corrosion Combining AFM imaging and elementally resolved spectroelectrochemistry for understanding stability and quality of passive films formed on Alloy 600 2022
Materials and Corrosion Corrosion protection of Zn-Al-Mg-coated steel by a layered double hydroxide conversion layer 2022
Applied Surface Science Complementary electrochemical ICP-MS flow cell and in-situ AFM study of the anodic desorption of molecular adhesion promotors 2021
Biointerphases Mechanistic understanding of catechols and integration into an electrochemically cross-linked mussel foot inspired adhesive hydrogel 2021
Langmuir Lipid Anchoring Improves Lubrication and Wear Resistance of the Collagen I Matrix 2021
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Hydration Forces Dominate Surface Charge Dependent Lipid Bilayer Interactions under Physiological Conditions 2021
ACS Applied Energy Materials Low-Temperature-Processed Transparent Electrodes Based on Compact and Mesoporous Titanium Oxide Layers for Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells 2021
Corrosion Science Comparison of elemental resolved non-confined and restricted electrochemical degradation of nickel base alloys 2021
Journal of Materials Science Fast sputter deposition of MoOx/metal/MoOx transparent electrodes on glass and PET substrates 2021
Langmuir Control of Polymer Brush Morphology, Rheology, and Protein Repulsion by Hydrogen Bond Complexation 2021
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A Novel in situ sensing surface forces apparatus for measuring gold versus gold, hydrophobic, and biophysical interactions 2021
Nanoscale pHDependent interaction mechanism of lignin nanofilms 2021
Corrosion Science Spectroelectrochemical Comparison of Elemental Resolved non-confined and Crevice Corrosion of Nickel Base Alloys 2021
Thermo The basic theorem of temperature-dependent processes 2021
Il nuovo cimento C The specific amine-mica interaction investigated with the Surface Forces Apparatus 2021
ACS Physical Chemistry Au Visualization of Ion-Surface Binding and In Situ Evaluation of Surface Interaction Free Energies via Competitive Adsorption Isotherms 2020
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Adsorption and Diffusion Moderated by Polycationic Polymers during Electrodeposition of Zinc 2020
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science Forces, structures, and ion mobility in nanometer-to-subnanometer extreme spatial confinements: Electrochemisty and ionic liquids 2020
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Photocorrosion of ZnO Single Crystals during Electrochemical Water Splitting 2020
Surface and Coatings Technology Scratching resistance of SiC-rich nano-coatings produced by noble gas ion mixing 2020
Methods Solid-supported lipid bilayers - A versatile tool for the structural and functional characterization of membrane proteins 2019
Advanced Science In Situ Mechanical Analysis of the Nanoscopic Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Anodes of Li-Ion Batteries 2019
Langmuir Interaction Profiles and Stability of Rigid and Polymer-Tethered Lipid Bilayer Models at Highly Charged and Highly Adhesive Contacts 2019
Advanced Materials Interfaces Nanometer Resolved Real Time Visualization of Acidification and Material Breakdown in Confinement 2019
Review of Scientific Instruments Optimizing multiple beam interferometry in the surface forces apparatus: Novel optics, reflection mode modeling, metal layer thicknesses, birefringence, and rotation of anisotropic layers 2019
Langmuir Structure and Dynamics of Confined Liquids: Challenges and Perspectives for the X-ray Surface Forces Apparatus 2019
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Characterizing the hydrophobic-to-hydrophilic transition of electrolyte structuring in proton exchange membrane mimicking surfaces 2018
Langmuir Effect of concentration on the interfacial and bulk structure of ionic liquids in aqueous solution 2018
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Interfacial Layering and Screening Behavior of Glyme-Based Lithium Electrolytes 2018
Langmuir TetherLength Dependence of Bias in Equilibrium Free-Energy Estimates for Surface-to-Molecule Unbinding Experiments 2018
Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces Adhesive barnacle peptides exhibit a steric-driven design rule to enhance adhesion between asymmetric surfaces 2017
ChemPhysChem Anion Layering and Steric Hydration Repulsion on Positively Charged Surfaces in Aqueous Electrolytes 2017
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science In situ nano-to microscopic imaging and growth mechanism of electrochemical dissolution (eg, corrosion) of a confined metal surface 2017
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Interaction Forces between Pegylated Star-Shaped Polymers at Mica Surfaces 2017
Chemical Communications Long range electrostatic forces in ionic liquids 2017
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Soft matter interactions at the molecular scale: interaction forces and energies between single hydrophobic model peptides 2017
ACS Nano Unraveling Hydrophobic Interactions at the Molecular Scale Using Force Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations 2017
Biointerphases How specific halide adsorption varies hydrophobic interactions 2016
Biointerphases Ions and solvation at biointerfaces 2016
Nature Communications Lithium-ion battery electrolyte mobility at nano-confined graphene interfaces 2016
Angewandte Chemie Resolving Non-Specific and Specific Adhesive Interactions of Catechols at Solid/Liquid Interfaces at the Molecular Scale 2016
Scientific reports The effect of water and confinement on self-assembly of imidazolium based ionic liquids at mica interfaces 2016
Advanced Materials Interfaces Characterizing the influence of water on charging and layering at electrified ionic-liquid/solid interfaces 2015
Langmuir Developing a General Interaction Potential for Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions 2015
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Direct and quantitative AFM measurements of the concentration and temperature dependence of the hydrophobic force law at nanoscopic contacts 2015
Faraday Discussions Localized dealloying corrosion mediated by self-assembled monolayers used as an inhibitor system 2015
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Long-range electrostatic screening in ionic liquids 2015
Journal of the Electrochemical Society Real-Time Monitoring of Aluminum Crevice Corrosion and Its Inhibition by Vanadates with Multiple Beam Interferometry in a Surface Forces Apparatus 2015
Journal of Physical Chemistry C Real-Time Multiple Beam Interferometry Reveals Complex Deformations of Metal-Organic-Framework Crystals upon Humidity Adsorption/Desorption 2015
Langmuir Scaling from Single Molecule to Macroscopic Adhesion at Polymer/Metal Interfaces 2015
Advanced Materials Star-Shaped Crystallographic Cracking of Localized Nanoporous Defects 2015
Langmuir Targeted Tuning of Interactive Forces by Engineering of Molecular Bonds in Series and Parallel Using Peptide-Based Adhesives 2015
ACS Nano AngstromResolved Real-Time Dissection of Electrochemically Active Noble Metal Interfaces 2014
Nature Communications Deciphering the scaling of single-molecule interactions using Jarzynski’s equality 2014
Langmuir Effect of Interfacial Ion Structuring on Range and Magnitude of Electric Double Layer, Hydration, and Adhesive Interactions between Mica Surfaces in 0.05-3 M Li+ and Cs+ Electrolyte Solutions 2014
Materials and Corrosion Electrochemical control of specific adhesion between amine-functionalized polymers and noble metal electrode interfaces 2014
ACS Nano Influence of Molecular Dipole Orientations on Long-Range Exponential Interaction Forces at Hydrophobic Contacts in Aqueous Solutions 2014
Soft Matter Interactions and visualization of bio-mimetic membrane detachment at smooth and nano-rough gold electrode surfaces 2013
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Ionic liquids behave as dilute electrolyte solutions 2013
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Reply to Perkins et al.: Experimental observations demonstrate that ionic liquids form both bound (Stern) and diffuse electric double layers 2013
Journal of Physical Chemistry B The Intersection of Interfacial Forces and Electrochemical Reactions 2013
Journal of the American Chemical Society Hydrophobic Forces, Electrostatic Steering, and Acid-Base Bridging between Atomically Smooth Self-Assembled Monolayers and End-Functionalized PEGolated Lipid Bilayers 2012
Langmuir The Electrochemical Surface Forces Apparatus: The Effect of Surface Roughness, Electrostatic Surface Potentials, and Anodic Oxide Growth on Interaction Forces, and Friction between Dissimilar Surfaces in Aqueous Solutions 2012
Review of Scientific Instruments Atomic force microscope imaging and force measurements at electrified and actively corroding interfaces: Challenges and novel cell design 2011
Advanced Materials Effect of Surface Roughness and Electrostatic Surface Potentials on Forces Between Dissimilar Surfaces in Aqueous Solution 2011
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Pressure solution - The importance of the electrochemical surface potentials 2011
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Self-localization of polyacrylic acid molecules on polar ZnO(0001)-Zn surfaces 2011
Physical Review BHydrogen adsorption on polar ZnO (0001)-Zn: Extending equilibrium surface phase diagrams to kinetically stabilized structures 2010
Journal of Physical Chemistry C In Situ Study of the Polar ZnO(0001)-Zn Surface in Alkaline Electrolytes 2010
Langmuir Single Molecules as Sensors for Local Molecular Adhesion Studies 2010
Langmuir Stability of Phosphonic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayers on Amorphous and Single-Crystalline Aluminum Oxide Surfaces in Aqueous Solution 2010
Physical review letters Temperature stabilized surface reconstructions at polar ZnO (0001) 2009
Inorganica Chmica Acta Comparative investigations on a series of [hexakis(1-(tetrazol-1-yl) alkane-N4) iron(II)] bis(tetrafluoroborate) spin crossover complexes: Methyl- to butyl-substituted species 2008
Surface Science Deposition of Ag nanoparticles on fluoroalkylsilane self-assembled monolayers with varying chain length 2008
Langmuir Stabilization and acidic dissolution mechanism of single-crystalline ZnO(0001) surfaces in electrolytes studied by in-situ AFM imaging and ex-situ LEED 2008
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Preparation and characterisation of hydroxide stabilised ZnO(0001)-Zn-OH surfaces 2007
Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry Theoretical investigations of a series of [hexakis (1-(tetrazol-1-yl) alkane-N4) iron (II)] bis (tetrafluoroborate) spin crossover complexes: Methyl-to-pentyl substituted species in the approximation of free cations 2007