Ageing phenomena of redox-flow battery systems

Involved People: Matthias Kogler, Christian Pichler

Renewable energy sources are subject to natural volatility. In order to compensate for these fluctuations and thus optimize the use of renewable energy sources, suitable energy storage systems (ESS) are needed that are able to meet the high demands - e.g. fast response time, large capacity.

Vanadium redox-flow batteries (VRFB) are reliable and safe long-term energy storage systems that allow the increasing energy demand to be met in a more sustainable way and to promote the energy turnaround. In our research, we focus on contributing to the improvement of the overall battery system and thus further increasing the lifetime and the amount of energy that can be stored. In particular, we focus on investigating the underlying electrochemical processes, characterizing and developing new materials, and designing new methods for better prediction of system behaviour. For this purpose, we use a broad spectrum of analytical methods, including not only various electrochemical but also structural techniques, such as XPS, FTIR, Raman, XRD, etc.