Biomimetic glues

Involved People: Julia Appenroth, Laura Mears

The need for biomimetic glues is clear not only to fulfil requirements of biocompatibility in medical applications but also for technical applications in saline environments. As part of the project on catechols and the development of a new adhesive hydrogel, we have been testing its adhesion both over large surfaces and on the mircoscale using the surface forces apparatus. The white light interferometry technique has enabled our understanding of the hydration dependence of the adhesive hydrogel. We have been collaborating with researchers at the JKU in Linz and the project is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG in the framework of the COMET Center of Electrochemistry and Surface Technology, CEST, through grant #865864 (biomaterial synthesis, biomimetic glues and coatings).

Contact: Dr. Laura Mears