Electrochemical surface and interface analysis cluster

Involved People: Soniya Gahlawat

We are developing an electrochemical surface and interface analysis (ELSA) cluster at TU Wien to explore the multiple research areas associated with electrochemical technologies and their industrial applications. ELSA is a unique quasi in-situ facility, dedicated to understand electrochemical surface/interface phenomena at real operating conditions, and therefore, is fully equipped to characterize the sample. The infrastructure includes a distribution chamber (DC) attached to two electrochemical chambers, ultra high vacuum kelvin probe (KP), scanning x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (SXPS) and auger electron spectroscopy (AES). The research focus in one of the electrochemical chambers will be for solid/liquid interface (EC1) studies to perform cutting edge research in the field of electrolysis, CO2 reduction, corrosion and recycling. The second chamber will be devoted to solid/solid interface (EC2) studies for fuel cells and batteries. Additionally, this facility will be equipped with a vacuum suitcase to transfer the sample to other facilities without exposure to air.